It has been ages that we booked a location and went there to shoot. I was shooting more at workshops than anywhere else: with a little daughter you have 1000x better things to do than to take pictures of other girls – but together with Stephanie we organised a few shoots in March – and we started off with Marie. We have been shooting some time ago at my studio and I loved the pictures we took, so time for a location shoot! The location was a pretty Airbnb in Gent, I used my new Pentax 645N with the stock 2.8/75mm lens for most of the images. Film is Portra 400 and Tmax 400. 35mm was shot in my Leica with the 1.4/35mm – some Tmax400, some Cinestill and a roll of Superia 1600 that Ryan left me here prior our workshop in Ibiza. It turned out great – thanks to the beautiful processing of Carmencita Film Lab. Stephanie made a beautiful behind the scenes video. Check out film-and-friends on vimeo.