Film and Friends workshop in Ibiza – I had the honour to co-host a workshop with Ryan again. Its been more than two years since our Brussels Workshop and I was very much looking forward spending time and teaching together again. Stephanie did most of the organisation and found a beautiful airbnb that allowed us to host our workshop and then spend a few more days relaxing afterwards.

The participants were a wonderful group of people, making the whole experience pure fun and highly enjoyable. The pictures are pretty much in sequence taken with Mamiya RZ67 and Contax 645, Tmax 400, Portra 400 – beautifully scanned by Carmencita Film Lab. Albert was with us as well, providing advice and presenting best practices when working with your lab. The only picture I took of Albert, the stupid Contax had its film flatness issue again… so if you always wanted to see what that looks like, find his picture further down below. If anyone has an idea how to avoid it, other than selling the Contax, let me know.

Thanks to Curro and Alessio for being there and supporting. Many thanks to Tanya and Lizette for modelling, and extra big thank you to Vita, who stayed with us, modelled for the workshop, and was such great company and support all along the way! Lots of hugs to all of you – we miss you!

I wanted to take much more pictures, of the models, our participants, the island, but when running a workshop, there is really not enough time for taking pictures! The last morning before checking out, we started a quick shoot with Vita, so finally a few more pictures – you see them towards the end of the post.

Thanks to our participants, you made it all such a wonderful workshop, a truly “film and friends” experience!

Be sure to check out the beautiful video Stephanie did at the end of the post!